Telex Release and Express Release – These are terms that still confuses many people in the industry.. The confusion occurs when these terms are loosely used instead of using it in the strict sense..

The definition of the two terminologies is as below :

A Telex Release is simply a message that is sent by the shipping line or agent at load port to their office or agent at discharge port advising that the shipper or exporter has surrendered one or all of the original bills of lading that have been issued to them, and that the cargo can be released to the consignee shown on the bill of lading without presentation of any original bills of lading.. This usually is requested only if the consignee is a direct consignee (not a bank or To Order)..
An Express Release (read Express Bill of Lading) -  is used mostly in “express” situations such as :
when the shipper and consignee are part of the same group and there are no negotiations required between the two either directly or via bank for release of the cargo
the shipment doesn’t involve any bank and the shipper doesn’t really need to submit original bill of lading to secure his payment
when the shipper doesn’t have the time to print the original bills and courier the same to the consignee
the shipper is a freight forwarder and he wants to issue a house bill of lading to his customers, hence he takes an express release or a waybill instead of original master bill of lading from the shipping line
The KEY DIFFERENCE between the two is that in the case of a Telex Release there is a physical Original Bill of Lading issued, printed and surrendered whereas in the case of Express Release, there is NO Original Bill of Lading issued to anyone and in its current form it is not a negotiable document..

So, Telex Release and Express release are NOT THE SAME..