Precision Manual screen printer

Precision Manual screen printer

Model No.︰TSA-02

Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰5 SET

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Product Description

TSA-02 Precision manual screen printing machine



Model  NO.  Worktable  print area product Max thickness outline USD Kg
TSA-02-1 180X180mm 100mm 50mm 40*30*37cm 173 17
TSA-02-2 200X200mm 100mm 50mm 34*43*47cm 186 19
TSA-02-3 240X300mm 180mm 50mm 50*32*47cm 243 21
TSA-02-4 270X350mm 180mm 50mm 50*32*47cm 283 23
TSA-02-5 300X400mm 180mm 50mm 50*32*47cm 293 25
TSA-02-6 Diameter150mm Dia 100mm 50mm 40*30*37cm 200 17


Laptop screen printer is applied to small plastic products, metal screen frame and thinner worktable.

This machine is suitable for screen printing on many kinds of substrates with a thickness less than 55mm.

Also suitable for the precise surface printing of small size and thin substrates.


1. Plane screen printing, manual operation.

2. Easy adjustment and operation, running accurately and reliably.

3. Worktable is adjustable in horizontal and vertical direction.

4. No-clearance adjustment.


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2.  A suit tool   
3.  English operating instruction

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