W180cm 150Celsius Spray hot air Infrared tunnel furnace with double side doors

W180cm 150Celsius Spray hot air Infrared tunnel furnace with double side doors

Model No.︰TM-IR1800

Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 18000 / SET

Minimum Order︰1 SET

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Product Description

TM-IR Series Infrared tunnel furnace with double side doors

Model No TM-IR1800

  item parameter
1 Conveyor belt width(mm) 1800mm
2 Conveyor...speed(m/min)  0-25m/min
3 Power(v/kw) 380/18(Each section)
4 Temperature RT-150 CELSIUS
5 Length 

Can be customized according to different ink drying parameters

OEM or ODM Acceptable










Ultra-wide infrared tunnel furnace
 1, SIDE cover is opened: LAMP easy maintenance
2, Liner: Stainless Steel (sealing better, more stable temperature)
3, Heat pipe: Stainless steel heating tube, quartz tube, black ceramic heating tube can be replaced at will
4, Temperature uniformity is particularly good, radiation + hot air spray structure
5, Reasonable structure design Optional: loading manipulator, heating device, ventilation system, conveyor type, waste discharge system, cooling system, unloading manipulator, automatic stacker.


Our technology department know the below information: 

1.  Does the lacquering finished by Machine or Manual?

2.1    The ink drying time (Pls ask your ink supplier )
2.2    Drying speed requirements 
2.3    Drying temperature requirements 
2.4    Products maximum width 

Our parameters based on customer needs, 
design suitable model configuration. 



It is apply to the flash drying of solvent-ink and drying of general moisture bearing things, such as presswork, product of chemical industry, glass and plank stuff.


1, Infrared tunnel oven-dry configuration is generally divided into: feeding zone - compartment temperature zone - heating zone - compartment temperature zone - cooling zone - outing zone.

2, Our machines are counted meter; one meter is USD990. At least 4 meters.

3, Track configured tunnel furnace is generally about 3 meters long, which is more expensive than oven-dry configuration, because the manufacturing materials are not the same.

4, According to the requirements of things need drying, the net belt can stepless speed regulating between 0-20 m/min.

5, Imported Teflon or stainless steel net, the speed of transmission is steady, move smoothly and without noise.

6, Imported electrothermal control elements, accuracy high to control the temperature.

7, Imported digital-display adjusted temperature control elements control the temperature sensitivity.


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Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/western union

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