Plastic sheet clean room screen printing equipment

Plastic sheet clean room screen printing equipment

Model No.︰TAM-Z4

Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 16800 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

TAM- Z4 A4 thin EL panels printing uv curing equipment kit


1,  Electric printing runs smoothly, High precision printing;

2,  Cold light source , Drying sheet is not deformed;

3,  Energy saving and environmental protection, Suitable for clean room(dust-free workshop).

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Technical parameters:

TM-D5070 electric vertical screen printer


 380V 3phase or single-phase 220V

Lifting drive motor


Printing drive motor


Printing area 


Table size    


Max frame 


Printing thickness 

 0~ 50mm 

Overlay accuracy 


Platform precision 

 About +/-0.06mm     

Printing pressure 

 4.0-8.0 kgf/cm2  

Air pressure (squeegee and ink return scraper)


Air consumption 


Printing speed


Dimensions (LXWXH)





 Squeegee, Aluminium Screen Frame,

 Silk screen mesh cloth, ink

TM-LED800 film LED UV tunnel dryer

Power supply

single-phase 220V 50HZ 1.6kw

Irradiation width

800mm Teflon Belt

Cooling  system

water-cooled system

Water-cooled machine size:

470 mm * 260 mm * 260 mm

Machine Dimensions (LXWXH)




The light measurement range of values

1000-9500mJ / cm2  


395 nm (2800 mw/cm2~3600 mw/cm2)


Plate Type: Screen Printer

Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Tamprinter

Model Number: TAM-Z4

Application Scope:

machine for printing plastic sheet (polycarbonate, ABS, PET, PS), paper sheet, package ,nameplate ,colorful glittering glass ,Light Guide Plate , lens ,Membrane switch,EL panels printing etc.

Automatic Grade: Semi Automatic

Color & Page: Single Color

Warranty: screen printer 18 months, led uv machine 24months

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Packaging: plywood

Delivery Detail: 20 workdays after payment

Performance & Features

1. This line is composed of vertical screen printer(Up-Down, Left-Right, Electric; squeegee and ink return scraper pneumatic), water-cooled system LED UV tunnel dryer.
2. It is a semi automatic production line which upload and download manual.
2.1 screen printing machine Features:
2.1.1.Printing transmission is driven by the electric motor, synchronous belt drive.
2.1.2.Action sensitive, speed can be adjusted. Machine up and down is driven by the electric motor, frequency control. Smooth operation.
2.1.3.Scraper and scraping blade have a air pressure governor, the thickness of the printing can be adjusted.
2.1.4.Vacuum adsorption worktable.
2.1.5.The working table has a vernier regulation system (can move left and right, forward and backward)that makes registration more correctly and simply.
2.1.6.With security devices to make the head printing stop on the upper position that is more reliable and safer.
2.1.7.The electronic control unit(ECU) is central control by the microcomputer, the operation of complete appliance is simpler and more flexible, easy to maintain

2.2. UV LED advantages 
2.2.1, long life: life is a traditional mercury lamp of type of curing machine more than 10 times, about 25000-30000 hours. 
2.2.2, cold light source, no radiation, according to the product surface of low temperature, heat damage to solve the long existing in optical communication, LCD production problems. Especially suitable for LCD sealing side requiring small temperature, film printing and so on. 
2.2.3, calorific value is small, can solve the great calorific value of mercury lamp spray equipment and personnel intolerable. 
2.2.4, instant light, do not need to preheat immediately reached 100% uv output power. 
2.2.5, life is not affected by the number of open and close. 
2.2.6, high energy, light output stability, uniform irradiation effect is good, improve production efficiency. 
2.2.7, can be customized effective radiation area, from 20 mm to 1000 mm in length. 
2.2.8, do not contain mercury, also won't produce ozone, replacement of traditional light source technology is a safer, more environmentally friendly option. 
2.2.9, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp type curing press, can save 90% energy. 
2.2.10, maintenance cost is almost zero, use UVLED curing equipment to save at least 10000 yuan a year/material fee.

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