3M Universal Primer treatment machine

3M Universal Primer  treatment machine

Model No.︰TM- 3DUV -2

Brand Name︰tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 21500 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

TM- 3DUV -2 Hexahedron 3M Universal Primer  treatment machine 


Belt Width Size: 400mm

Conveyor belt Stainless SUS304

Maximum speed: 0~ 12m/min

Power : 380V/50HZ/3P 24Kw

Top Exhause Pipe Diameter: 200mm

If Clean room, oven inside about 65 celsius

Machine net Weight: 1230kg

Machine Size: 3200*1020*2500mm about 11CBM

Lamp Lifetime about 1000 hours

Application nylon + fiber, PET, EVA,PP glass, ceramic, etc.

Plywood Packing

Payment Terms T/T , LC

Stock :20sets color Red ,white or blue random delivery


 This machine is suitable for the molding of shoe materials such as EVA and MIDE. The UV treatment agent is wiped on the shoe material. After being dried, it is irradiated by an ultraviolet UV irradiator. The UV light causes the treatment agent to generate free radicals and initiates the polymerization reaction. The shoe material has been increased in polarity, making it easy to adhere



1. Apply to shoe materials that need to be irradiated on both sides.

2. The upper and lower layers are independently controlled and can be used for single-side illumination.

3. High output, saving more than 1,000 pairs per hour.

4. Labor-saving, traditional machines require twice-irradiated shoes, and the machine is completed at one time.

5. Special style design, low temperature, avoid EVA foam deformation.

6. Newly increased independent freezing area, lower internal temperature, shoe material irradiation is more stable.


New detection function

 1. When the lamp fails to light normally, it will immediately alarm and display the position of the faulty lamp.

2. Each light has its own strong and weak light control, which makes the operation easier.

3. When the UV system fails, the warning light flashes and the conveyor belt stops.

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC

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