Silicone extension extrusion foaming oven

Silicone extension extrusion foaming oven

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Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

silicone sponge rubber manufacturing tunnel oven


480v 3phase 60hz
Independent power control cabinet
14 m * 1.4m * 1.3m  
Inlet 2m  Outlet 2m
 4 zones ,2.5m per heat zones.
370W*2PCS motors control 2 belt 
2 belt speed controllers adjust each 7 m (2 +2.5+2.5 m) 
Teflon belt width: 1.2 m  
Belt mesh hole 2 x 2mm
Vulcanization: 180~230 Celsius
far infrared Lamp heat to top and bottom
Top 15pcs
Bottom 15pcs
15*1kw+15*1kw= 30kw
(top and bottom heaters on separate controls) 
Internal circulation fan 750W*4PCS
4 cylinder Lift open oven cover
2 'Exit'=Exhaust gas or smoke exhaust

3d drawing for tunnel dryer

Why Silicone?

Benefits of using silicone rubber



Silicone rubber is one of the few elastomers that has the ability to perform in extreme temperatures on both sides of the scale.  The range of silicone sponge products will withstand temperatures of -76°F to +446°F for sustained periods in application, whilst the special grades formulated with the addition of heat stabilisers take the maximum working temperature of the silicone as high as  +570°F.


Silicone has incredible resistance to weathering and environmental influences.  Over time, there is very little change to the properties of silicone when exposed to the elements.  Silicone is also resistant to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and general weathering.


Silicone  rubber  is  a  stable  elastomer  that  will  not  cause  staining,  corrosion, or  deterioration  of  other  materials  it  has  contact  with  and  does  not  support fungal growth. 


Excellent compression set properties of sponge silicone makes it the elastomer of choice for sealing applications at adverse temperatures ranges.



Silicone   extrusions   are   used   in   a   wide   range   of   everyday   products   and equipment  and  are  usually  used  for  sealing  applications.    Commonly  used  in industrial   and   commercial   applications   where   there   can   be   extensive temperature  variations  from  light  fittings  and  door  seals  in  ovens  to  gaskets in  HVAC  and  automotive,  especially  the  new  breed  of  electric  vehicles  being developed.

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