Heavy glass semi-automatic screen printing machine

Heavy glass semi-automatic screen printing machine

Model No.︰THG-55140


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 7685 / SET

Minimum Order︰1 SET

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Product Description

Platen 55140 precision vertical flat screen printing machine

Workbench area: 550 × 1400mm
Printing area: 450 × 1300mm
Substrate thickness: 0-30mm
Power supply: 380V/2000W
Working pressure: 0.4~0.6 kgf/cm2
Printing speed: 400-600pcs/hr


Performance characteristics:
●Innovative design: A. Originally enhanced embossing head, four-cylinder independent control squeegee returning knives;
B. Innovative left and right arm tunnel rail sliding adjustment, vertical screen lifting, ink does not bias;
C. It adopts frequency conversion to control the operation of the print head, and the operation is fast, stable, quiet and accurate.
● Rugged and precise: compact and lightweight, with top-grade transmission and orientation system, running fast and smooth, increasing productivity.
●Fast installation: It is equipped with cylinder independent lifting scraper and ink returning knife holder. The left and right arm tunnel rails with sliders are adjusted for sliding, plus a variety of convenient
The installation fine-tuning mechanism facilitates the replacement of the screen and the ink cleaning and positioning.
●Easy operation: It adopts single-chip control, reliable program, fast response, high precision, long life and easy operation.
●Safety protection: All-round safety protection devices such as pressure plate + foot pedal + emergency stop button ensure personal safety.


Materials and configuration:
A. Pneumatic components use cylinders and gold solenoid valves from the original Yade Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
B. The printing motor uses Taiwan Wanxin brand motor and Taiwan silver linear guide.
C. The inverter uses one of the "TAIAN" brand and one of Edley.
D. Most of the microcontrollers use imported electronic components, and the contactors use LG.
E. The working platform uses stainless steel plates and measures 550 x 1400 mm.
F. The machine base adopts 50X50X4 square pass welding, and the lifting guide column uses precision guide columns; other parts are made of aluminum alloy material and stainless steel, special
Special steel materials, etc.
G. Spray computer white paint.

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