Energy-saving high-speed uv curing machine for offset printing industry

Energy-saving high-speed uv curing machine for offset printing industry

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Energy-saving offset printing high-speed UV curing machine with automatic stacking system

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[Abstract] This utility model is a stepless dimming UV varnish curing machine with automatic paper delivery machine, designed for the UV curing field of the offset printing industry, and its structure includes a conveying mechanism for conveying the paper to be cured and a conveying mechanism The upper curing chamber is equipped with an ultraviolet light source for curing the UV varnish on the sheet to be cured on the conveying mechanism, and also includes an electronic power control module, and the stepless dimming control module is electrically connected to the ultraviolet light source. , The stepless dimming control module can gradually control the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet light source. Compared with the existing rectifier+capacitor technology, the light irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet light source of the present invention can be gradually adjusted by the control module. Therefore, according to the needs of the cured product, the light irradiation intensity can be adjusted to a suitable intensity to meet the curing light intensity. It also avoids energy waste caused by excessive irradiation intensity, so the scope of application is wider. When there is no paper output from the offset printing machine, the infrared detection system of the UV machine sends a signal to the electronic power control system, the light is dimmed, the belt stops, the top alarm light is on, and the buzzer sounds. The take-up machine stops.

The automatic paper receiver is also called a sheet stacker, which collects paper synchronously according to the speed of the UV machine. Each time a piece of paper is received, the pallet is lowered by one paper thickness until the carriage reaches the ground, the machine is suspended, and the forklift replaces the pallet.

Stepless dimming offset printing UV curing machine with automatic stacker


Control panel operation introduction:

  1. -----Total power indicator.
  2. -----Power switch. 
  3. -----Conveyor switch.
  4. -----UV1 light switch. 
  5. -----UV1 light intensity and adjustable switch. 
  6. -----UV2 light switch. 
  7. -----UV2 light intensity and adjustable switch. 
  8. -----UV3  light switch. 
  9. -----UV3 light intensity and adjustable switch. 
  10. ----Power outlet.
  11. ----Conveyor indicator light.
  12. ----Exhaust fan switch.
  13. ---- Conveyor speed adjustment switch.
  14. -----Conveyor stop switch.


1. Connect the power supply (220V / 3P) first. 3 wires marked "L" is live connected to FireWire, 1 wire marked "N" is Neutral connected to zero. 1 wire marked "PE" is Earth ground wire. After connecting the power supply, turn on the main power switch of "2" key Turn from left to right), the power indicator "1" will light up.

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