LED high speed offset uv curing machine

LED high speed offset uv curing machine

Model No.︰TM-UV-F6

Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 8000 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

TM-LED UV600-L UV dryer 8543709990




1,Conveyorbelt width(mm): 600

2, lamp irradiation width(mm): 600

3,Paper size 48*68cm (mm)

4,Conveyor speed (m): 40 sheet per minutes

5,Power(P/V/Hz): 1/220/50

6,LED UV lamp(KW): 3.2

7,Conveyor power(W): 90

8,Total power(KW):4


10, Cooling: water-cooled system;

11, Weight(kg): 280


Tamprinter company has developed and produced UVLED curing equipment for more than 8 years. The products are stable and the curing efficiency is more than twice that of similar products. The customers cover electronics, medical, optical lenses, university laboratories, scientific research units and other industries.


typical application:

Electroacoustic industry: receivers, micro motors, mobile phone chargers, speakers

Lens industry: camera module, camera lens module, mobile phone lens module

Watch industry: smart watch mirror protection, smart watch back cover detector bonding, etc.

LCD industry: OCA pre-curing, self-curing, full lamination, etc.


8 industrial innovation technologies for quality upgrading
Use forced water cooling to dissipate heat, support external signal input and triggering, and can be equipped with semi-automatic or
Fully automatic production line use. Specializing in the application of uv glue industry. With low power consumption and high resistance
Good temperature and stability, complete communication/0, small space in the cabinet, etc.
1. 24 hours a day
2. The front panel prevents dust and water
3. High temperature resistance and strong reliability
4. Anti-magnetic interference
5. Industrial control screen
6. Industrial motherboard
7. Anti-shock and anti-vibration
8. Aluminum alloy effectively dissipates heat

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