big size automatic stencil machine for sheet with automatic blanking

big size automatic stencil machine for sheet with automatic blanking

Model No.︰TM-Z1B

Brand Name︰Tamprinter

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 20000 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

 big size Automatic screen printing machine for sheet with automatic blanking Video:






Paper Oblique arm flat screen printer 


Worktable size: 1400X1700mm

Max printing area: 1200X1500mm

Max screen fame size : 1500X1800mm

Min screen fame size::1050X1450mm

Substrate thickness (mm):0-20 

Printing speed (pcs/h):300-600

Working pressureMpa):0.3-0.5

Air consumption0.6Mpa(L/pc):13/pcs

The minimum height of the tableRelative to the groundmm:820

Machine size(mm): 2550X1900X1580mm=7.66CBM

weight:500kg   Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

Source power: 2.3kw

 INCLUDE  Tool box

clamp 1200mm--1pcstinge 1220mm---1pcs

clamp 1500--1pcstinge 1520mm--1pcs.


UV Machine


Conveyorbelt width(mm) 1180

belt tamaño entra(mm) 1200

Product max height (mm) 40

Conveyor speed (m) 2~20

Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

UV lampKW/2pcs5.6

Conveyor powerW90

Total powerKW12.1



Weight(kg) 900

plywood 415*215*170cm=15.17cbm

Robot Arm


1,Working air pressure(Mpa): 0.3-0.5

2,Gas consumption(0.6Mpa)(L/pcs): 0.5

3,power(kw): 0.75   4, Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

5,Take the feed rate (pcs/h): 1000

6,Dimension(mm) : L4000* W2000* H 900

7,weight(kg): 65


uv exposure

machine 9010502200

 Max exposure size:      1200*1800mm

Max frame size      1500*2100mm

Air consumption    13L/pcs

Power Light source 5kW 

Air pump 850W

Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

Machine size: L*W*H   1700*2300*1000mm

Plywood 2.57*2*1.3m=6.68CBM

Machine weight     787KG


UV Machine


Conveyorbelt width(mm) 1180

belt tamaño entra(mm) 1200

Product max height (mm) 40

Conveyor speed (m) 2~20

Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

UV lampKW/2pcs5.6

Conveyor powerW90

Total powerKW12.1



Weight(kg) 900


Squeegee Sharpening Machine


Grinding stroke 2000MM

Grinding thickness 5MM-20MM

Grinding angle 90

Rated voltage(P/V) 3/220

Total power 2KW

Machine size L251 * 61 * 104 CM=1.59CBM

Machine weight 200KG

aluminum frame


1.5 m x 1.8 m

Complete Aluminum frame no include mesh  5kg



165T yellow width 165 cm 0.1kg/m



150T yellow width 165 cm 0.1kg/m



Anti-static black teflon belt 38" Width, 308" Length.=W 1m+L7.85M ,HOLE 4MM*4MM 4kg



Spare, Teflon glass fiber conveyor belt stick, size1.176m*7.96mlife about 1years  6KG

Uv reflector 8543909000

Spare Uv lamp reflector Aluminum covered with stainless steel 3KG per PCS

Uv lamp 8539490000

spare Chinese uv lamp 800~1200 hours life 5.6kw  1280mm length 0.5KG per PCS+CARTON 0.5KG

Squeegee roll


50mmx9mmx3.66m not brand multi layered shore (65/90/65) , Sectional shape G1 red/white/red 2.8kg

AL flood bar 8443919090

1270mm 1kg   TSM-009

AL squeegee holder 8443919090

1250mm 1.5kg  TSM-001



NOS.1 Product Code: 8443192290

Description: Other flat screens

Reporting elements:

1 Name: screen printing units

2 Purposes: printed patterns on flat products, text

3  Principle: When printing squeegee squeeze through, so that the ink is transferred through the mesh part of the graphic to the substrate to form the same with the original graphic

4 feeding mode: Manual 

5 pieces Size:    1200 * 1500mm

6 brands:            TAMPRINTER

7  Model:.           TMP-120150

NOS.2 Product Code: 8419399030

Product Description: Industrial furnaces and ovens with other resistance

Reporting elements:

1  Name: UV light curing machine

2  Uses: dried product

3  heating principle: heating and drying the product by UV lamp


5  Model:. TM-UV1200-L

6  whether the humidity function: no

NOS.3 Product Code: 8428399000

Product Description: Mechanical suction mouth rewinding machine

Reporting elements:

1  Name: Robot

2  Purposes: printed material received


4  Models: None

hot tags:  OEM auto screen printer.


Auto work video

With normal uv tunnel run to left

With normal uv tunnel run to right

with led uv tunnel

with conveyor line run to left

TAMPRINTER printers in the paper packaging industry operate in the following categories:

Bank card screen printing machine

Tobacco and Alcohol Gift Box UV Ink Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Picture album greeting card golden vermicelli printing machine production line

TAMPRINTER, a printing machinery for the sign and nameplate industry, operates the following categories:

Home appliance panel precision electric screen printing machine

Logo sign flip type screen printing machine

IMD precise screen printing machine

Blister injection T-slot screen printing machine

Instrument panel vacuum suction screen printing machine

Film button ultra-precision screen printing machine with automatic stacker

The operating categories of TAMPRINTER printing equipment in the electronic optics industry are as follows:

Light guide plate dust-free workshop screen printing machine

Mobile phone glass cover to prevent dripping oil screen printing machine

PCB green oil solder paste screen printing machine

FPC precision register screen printing machine

High-volume and rapid production of printers for electronic originals

TAMPRINTER's business categories in the apparel leather industry are as follows:

Mark mark automatic screen printing machine

Garment fabric roll-to-roll drying tunnel furnace

Luggage hot stamping machine

High-speed screen printing machine for shoe material

The business categories of TAMPRINTER in the transfer heat transfer industry are as follows:

Ceramic floral paper vertical screen printing machine with LED UV curing system

Wine label water transfer to prevent deformation low temperature ultraviolet ray dryer

Cycling decal and color screen printing machine with automatic stacker

Mark heat transfer infrared industrial tunnel furnace

Equipment transfer screen printing dryer

TAMPRINTER's business categories in the home improvement board industry are as follows:

Decorative glass large size flat screen printing machine

Integrated ceiling screen printing production line

Mupei building material varnish curing machine

TAMPRINTER's business categories in the sports equipment industry are as follows:

Bicycle decal continuous screen printing machine with drying production line

Cue Fishing Tackle Curved Screen Printing Machine

Fitness equipment pad printing hardware infrared oven

Outdoor supplies screen printing auxiliary equipment

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